Pastor Douglas, He hosted V2V Community Churches

July was an amazing month for Pastor Douglas, he hosted V2V Community Churches annual prophetic conference over 5 days, concluding with a worship night from Relentless Worship.

The conference was filled to the brim, with people yearning to be thought and transformed by the living word of God, each night Pastor Douglas would do the alter call and so many lives were reconciled back unto Christ.

Like any good father Pastor Douglas realises that this is just the beginning, as people have taken the first steps to knowing Christ he will now take on the responsibility of shepherding them and ensuring their journey to being rooted and grounded in Jesus is well navigated.

Pastor Douglas appreciates the sacrifices of the workers of the church and to reward that he has organised for all workers to have breakfast on Saturday free of charge. Pastor is a firm believer of rewarding those who work hard just as Christ rewards those who diligently seek Him.

The breakfast is one of many events that are held to allow the workers to come together, bond, relax and enjoy themselves, other events such as dinners and banquets are frequently done so that everyone can eat together and Pastor can spend time with everyone, for Pastor this is just as important as working. When a shepherd knows his flock, the flock will respond better to the shepherd.